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  • deconstructing the past, and the present, in order to lead us into the future with a greater scope

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  • 10/05(水)
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    The album’s lead single, a rework of “Thousand Knives” by @Thundercatis available on October 5th. Taking on the title track from Sakamoto’s debut EP Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thundercat flips the 10 minute-long synthpop instrumental into a smooth funk-soul ballad.

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    In celebration of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 70th birthday, @milanrecords will release A TRIBUTE TO RYUICHI SAKAMOTO – TO THE MOON AND BACK, a collection of songs from Sakamoto’s vast catalogue newly reworked and remodeled by contemporary artists and collaborators. pic.twitter.com/zOyqB7Pcnm

  • 10/03(月)
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    10 Favorites - Ryuichi Sakamoto | #私が好きな坂本龍一10選 今回選曲してくださったのは、 編集者の #若林恵 さん!ご自身にとって特別な #坂本龍一 楽曲を、メッセージとともに紹介してくださいました。bit.ly/3IVLH9o #10favoritesryuichisakamoto #ryuichisakamoto pic.twitter.com/Cuo9oTzRSr

  • 10/01(土)
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    'Utp_ (reMASTER)' LP with Ensemble Modern is now available on vinyl, CD, and digitally on all platforms Stream & download: idol-io.link/Utp_Remaster Vinyl & CD: noton.info/product/n-054/ @alvanoto #skmtnews #alvanoto #ryuichisakamoto #坂本龍一 pic.twitter.com/4q8kUzO6jt