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  • 03/23(木)
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  1. YujiroTaniyama


    The @MLB『World Series』, is no longer a ‘world’ champion decider. ‘U.S Series’ suits better from now on! From 2023,「World Baseball Classic」@WBCBaseballwinner is perhaps the mightiest in the WORLD, equivalent to @FIFAWorldCupGreat play all gentlemen!

  • 03/22(水)
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  1. YujiroTaniyama


    Sushi Baseball vs. Hotdog Baseball clash today, at the glorious @WBCBaseballfinals! USA is a superb team, nevertheless wasabi-powered Nippon’ll prevail!! Oriental integrity is impeccable in this tournament, shall vanquish western individualism! BOW

  • 03/21(火)
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  1. YujiroTaniyama


    Japan! Japan! Japaaaaan! Lets go Japan!!!!! Far far AWAY in Miami full of mighty Mexicans, the Baseball Samurai will karate chop Team Mexico in @WBCBaseballsemifinal today!! Bat is the katana sword!!