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  • Climate and environment reporter @NYTimes. Kobe native, Brooklyn transplant. LSE grad, Pulitzer, etc. Whistleblower? Ping me on Peerio: tabuchi

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  • 11/20(月)
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  1. JackSmithIV


    Watch these New Yorkers improvise a rescue when scaffolding collapses at a busy intersection. And this is a neighborhood basically full of models and street photographers. https://t.co/MoGeS9c7DF

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  1. HirokoTabuchi

  • 11/19(日)
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  1. brianmrosenthal


    Short answer on reason for crisis is that subway maintenance funding has been cut or squandered. Despite huge increases in system's age, ridership & fare revenue (and the total @MTA budget), roughly the same is spent on subway maintenance today as in

  2. emmagf


    How did New York City's subway get so bad? It's a long story... Our @NYTMetro deep dive with @brianmrosenthal and @laforgia_. https://t.co/dFuelpHErm

  • 11/18(土)
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  1. jodikantor


    So this is the way our brilliant colleague who just shot the moon gets written about. https://t.co/WMq3NdgLt6